Maria Veneke Ylikomi

Ambassador Maria Veneke Ylikomi

Goodwill Ambassador, Global Citizen, Advocate for Peace, Human Rights and the Environment

The Honorable Maria Veneke began with Globcal International in 2013. She lives and works in Sweden where she is a researcher, writer, peace advocate and goodwill ambassador for Scandinavia and Sweden.

Bio and Professional Info

Maria Veneke Ylikomi works as a language consultant within the areas of proofreading, text editing and writing. She regularly writes articles for the Swedish magazine Gränslöst (borderless/limitless in the Swedish language), with the theme of human rights, democracy and tolerance. News about justice – for all.

Interview with Tibet's President in exile, Lobsang Sangay, "Sikyong", for the Swedish magazine Gränslöst

Volunteer at an orphanage

Maria's time spent as a volunteer at an orphanage in war-torn Cambodia (Sunrise Children's Village) gave her new thoughts about what is really important in life. That is one of the circumstances that has led Maria to dedicate a big part of her time to the international non-profit organization Globcal International. As a Goodwill Ambassador, Maria is able to collaborate with other professional colleagues on an international initiative to communicate and promote humanitarian issues, environmental issues, human rights, children & women's empowerment.

Jaguar, Tiger, Lejon, Leopard

Read my recent book: Together with the wildlife photographer Jan Fleischmann, Maria has written a book about the four big cats the jaguar, tiger, lion and leopard, available in the Swedish language.